Biden’s Call to Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Turns into a Crying TV Moment

WASHINGTON — President Biden thanked first responders with an awkward phone call in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday that provided goofy television for viewers of the annual parade.

From Massachusetts Island, home of private equity billionaire David Rubenstein, President and First Lady Jill Biden engaged in a call that began with a long and uncomfortable silence as NBC’s Dylan Dryer, on stage during from the parade, seemed unable to hear the pair for about 30 seconds.

“I’m not one to take a phone call while on TV, but I think I should answer this one,” Dreyer said.

“Good morning Mister President?” said the reporter.

But no one answered as Jill Biden could be faintly heard in the background after seconds of dead air and confusion.

“I don’t think I can hear you…” Dreyer said then. “Can you hear me, Mr. President? »

Biden could then be heard saying something to the first lady, and then Dreyer replied, “Hello? Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. President. Are you here?”

Joe Biden
President and First Lady Jill Biden engaged in a call that began with a long and uncomfortable silence with NBC’s Dylan Dryer.
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Joe Biden

President Biden, along with the first lady and her grandson Beau Biden Jr., arrives with firefighter pies in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Joe Biden

Biden responded after the delayed and awkward silence.

Joe Biden

Biden answered the call from a home on the island of Massachusetts.

This seemed to catch Biden’s attention and he replied, “We’re here.”

“I want to thank the firefighters and the police, the first responders,” Biden said once the connection finally became clear. “They never take a break.”

Jumping in, the first lady added, “And God bless our troops for sure.”

“And by the way, we’ll be talking to some of our soldiers later today, both here and overseas. I hope everyone will remember that,” the president said. “We remember them every day. God bless our troops for real.

Joe Biden
The pair were due to call US Service members at 11:30 a.m. ET Thursday.
AP/Susan Walsh
Firefighters gave Beau a miniature fire hat.
AP/ Susan Walsh

It was the second year the Bidens have called the annual parade, which this year features 27 giant balloons and 31 floats.

The pair are expected to call US service members at 11:30 a.m. ET Thursday. But first, they visited a Nantucket fire station with their 2-year-old grandson Beau.

The Bidens dropped off pumpkin pies for the firefighters, who in return gave Beau a miniature fire hat. The boy is the Bidens’ youngest grandchild – the son of Hunter Biden and his wife, Melissa Cohen.

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