Jimmy Fallon Mocks Herschel Walker Ballot – Rolling Stone

Of course Jimmy Fallon must have joked about Herschel Walker’s “excitement” over the runoff election! On Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon prepared his viewers for Thanksgiving with an opening monologue and joked that Herschel Walker mispronounced the election as an “erection” on Fox News.

“Last night before the Senate runoff in Georgia, Herschel Walker was on Fox News, and he made a little mistake talking about the election,” Fallon said, before playing the clip: “Woah! Someone one is excited about the playoffs!”

Walker had joined Fox News on Tuesday alongside Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham to talk about his runoff against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock. “Well, first of all, this election is about more than Herschel Walker. This erection is about people,” Walker said.

During his 10-minute monologue, Fallon also joked about a “viral” photo of President Joe Biden that went viral after an optical illusion made his jacket look like his legs.

“People came into the office saying, ‘Oh, I-” Fallon joked. “He looks like a teacher going, ‘You don’t have to call me Mr. Duncan. Call me Matt. Forget today’s lesson. Let’s talk about life.

Walker’s “erection” mention comes as his sex life – and his secret children – have become a dominant part of the conversation surrounding his campaign for the Senate. He lied about how many children he has and claimed to be anti-abortion when he allegedly paid a woman to terminate her pregnancy.

“Herschel Walker says he is against women having abortions, but he pressured me to do one,” said an unnamed woman. “I’m running now because I heard Herschel deny allegations from another woman who said she paid for her abortion.”


Throughout his campaign, Walker appears to have been caught lying about everything from his education to his professional record to the number of children he has. He dismissed evolutionary science and launched a series of bizarre claims about climate change, including that America’s ‘good air’ floats to China and is replaced by China’s ‘bad air’ .

Walker’s past is also filled with disturbing incidents, including allegedly holding a gun to his then-wife’s head and threatening to “blow his brains out.”

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