Mindy Kaling enjoys Thanksgiving with her two children

Mindy Kaling enjoys Turkey Day with her little ones!

Thursday, the I have never The designer, 43, shared a series of cute photos on Instagram from her Thanksgiving celebration.

After sharing a photo of a table full of Thanksgiving food on her Instagram Story, Kaling shared another where 2-year-old son Spencer Avu is spotted on the kitchen floor, hiding behind an island while that he was lying on the ground playing with a little silver car. .

In addition to Spencer, Office alum is also mom to daughter Katherine “Kit” Swati, 4½, who didn’t appear in any photos from the day.

Mindy Kaling Instagram

The Ocean 8 The star recently spent a new holiday with her children: Halloween!

Kaling taught her children to enjoy Halloween music ahead of the holidays, sharing a video on Instagram of time spent at home with her daughter Katherine and son Spencer.

The video began with Katherine standing in front of the television watching the video for Michael Jackson’s iconic track “Thriller.” The little girl bounced between trying to mimic the movements on screen and was mesmerized as she watched.

“Watching Thriller on repeat to learn the moves by tomorrow?

Spencer also appeared in the video, standing on the sofa and briefly waving her arm before returning to watch her big sister’s dance moves.

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Kaling is known to be deprived of her children. She rarely shares photos of her children and when she does, their faces are not visible in the photo.

Office the actress appeared on the cover of The Wellness Issue of Marie Claire in August, where she spoke about her life as a mother to her two children.

“I want them to be old enough to tell me about it and [tell me] how they want me to talk about it,” Kaling said of her kids being in the public eye.

“I am the sole parent of my children,” she continued. “I think I’m being cautious so there’s less stuff they could potentially be mad at me about down the line.”

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