New Evidence Seems to Spoil Gabe and Isabel’s 90 Day Fiance Story

90 Day Fiance Gabriel Pagoba and Isabel Posada’s storyline spoiler may have been revealed by a Reddit user. Gabe, 32, is now a reality TV star on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 4, in which he moved to Colombia to marry mother of two, Isabel. Gabriel is the franchise’s first transgender actor and is being applauded for starting a company with “bulge-in” underwear called GMPWear. Gabriel met Isabel when he went to Colombia to find potential manufacturers for his business.


On the show, 90 day fiance Gabriel Pagoba moved to Colombia, as did his business. But Reddit user u/heeeer3sjohnny came across evidence that it may not have really happened. The Redditor decided to pay Gabriel’s website a visit. They tried to order a pair of blue-colored Gabriels”prepackaged” jock-strap and set their shipping address to “Colombia.“However, a message on their screen said:”sorry, we don’t ship to your area.” In their caption, the fan asked, “Looks like Gabe is in the States? His product is not shipped to Colombia.

They also mentioned that shipping to the US is $5 on Gabriel’s website and GMPWear can also ship to Europe for $20.

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Gabriel Pagoba from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4

“I think he was on the show to promote his business. Just my two cents,” writing 90 Day Fiance fan Simonthebulletfreak in the comments. “It looked like a tlc fraud,” jhuskindle wrote. Reddit user COLONELmab asked: “I doubt they ship their products to the US first? » recalling how Gabriel was shown buying the fabric, building the product, and implementing the branding in Colombia itself, meaning there’s no way Gabriel’s business still operates outside the United States unless he never moved her to Colombia at all. Or, as 90dayofpettybs added, the scene could have been faked and Gabriel’s”family always help ship from USA.”

When he arrived in Colombia, Gabriel was anxious because of his business. According to Gabriel, he had to start working as soon as possible because his website was getting orders, and he had “literally no inventory.” He had no underwear to sell and constantly received e-mails. Gabriel admitted he had mini heart attacks all day, every day. Meanwhile, Isabel tried to calm Gabriel down. She had started working with Gabriel a few months after they met. Isabel worked in a law firm.

At first, she started helping Gabriel with little things in his job. Eventually, Isabel quit her job at a law firm and joined Gabriel’s business. Gabriel had also relied on Isabel to work with him to make his business successful. He didn’t speak Spanish and admitted he was doing it again, not knowing how he was.”going to start shipping things.“Months later, it seems that 90 Day Fiance Star Gabriel still hasn’t calculated the cost of shipping, as Colombia is not on the list of countries Gabriel ships to.

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Source: u/heeeer3sjohnny/Reddit

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