James Cameron admits Jack could have survived the Titanic

james cameronPhoto: Chung Sung Jun (Getty Images) OK Titanic Fans, YouTube video essayists, and “Let’s Debate This” beckon Hinge users everywhere: It’s time to put this one to rest once and for all. From the mouth of James Cameron himself, Jack might, might have survived his watery grave at the end of Titanic. But there … Read more

M. Night Shyamalan on Making Small Movies and Dave Bautista

Photo: Phobymo (universal images) Few directors are as idiosyncratic and successful as M. Night Shyamalan. Dusting off the ‘twisted guy’ expectations he received in the wake of 1999’s The sixth senseShyamalan has spent the last decade following his whims, taking risks and challenging himself: he’s completed an unlikely superhero trilogy, dipped his toe in found … Read more