YOUR family’s music according to YOUR personal Hashkafos

Changing the pitch of Jewish music

The way we listen to music has evolved over the years. What started out as gramophones and music boxes turned into radios, jukeboxes, audio cassettes (don’t forget the eight-track!) and walkmans. As technology advanced, bulky listening devices – from boomboxes, CD players and disc players to MP3s and iPods – changed the world forever.

Since the invention of the iPod and then the iPhone in 2007, technology has developed at incredible speed to make them faster and easier to use. Today, you can hardly find a trace of the old musical products.

Music software has also seen major advancements over the past 2 decades. It went from drag and drop and burning to compact USB drives and downloading, and finally streaming. Accessing music on compact and portable devices has become easier than ever.

Facing the music.
All this marvelous innovation happened without any input or guidance from our Gedolim and Manhigim. At no time have these tech giants worked to ensure compatibility with our Torah way of life. Spotify is so convenient. It’s so easy to create an account and stream the way you want. But Spotify doesn’t care about a Yid’s neshama. Neither does Apple Music, YouTube or Amazon. In fact, the more they go against Jewish values, the more profitable they become. Unlimited and unfettered access to content across the spectrum is a priority for them.

But we believe in limits. We believe in protecting our eyes, ears and minds and safeguarding our spirituality. The freedom to search and be exposed to all content is contrary to our way of life. Needless to say, attempts to work with these companies on filtering capabilities have been met with derision. They need this openness. It goes against their business model to accommodate our sensitivities.

Parents were left with 2 choices: stick to the old road, which has its dangers, or capitulate to the new wave of technology and hope for the best.

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Left to our devices.
The MP3 and USB drive route, while more secure, has created its own set of problems, primarily those of theft and illegal content circulating. Since uploading, downloading and syncing these devices can be so tedious, well-meaning Jewish kids started sharing music with each other. Not because they wanted to steal. It seemed like a harmless way to get your hands on the latest hit songs – an innocent mistake that resulted in thousands of dollars in lost income for Jewish singers and artists.

The second, more dangerous path was to give kids iPhones and iPads with family music accounts and hope for the best. And then they would pray not to lose their children to Spotify…

It’s so easy to get lost. A simple search gives tons of inappropriate results, even as you type. Additionally, the lack of a designated platform for Kol Isha creates a trap for young boys. And the navigation and AI-generated playlists certainly don’t take hashkafa into account. It’s time for a change of tune for listeners of Jewish music.

24Six is ​​an all-new cohesive solution that will usher in a new stage for Jewish entertainment, where you can manage your family’s content and stream it worry-free. Using state-of-the-art technology designed for the Jewish family, 24Six allows you to Also have your values ​​and your music.

Your family. Your values. Your control.
Everyone’s perspective on entertainment is different and hashkafos may differ. What you consider OK may not be OK for someone else. Everyone has their own derech; camps, mosdos, yeshivos and schools have their own standards.

  • 24Six empowers every user to set their own standards and build their own multimedia experience.

  • Users can use customizable filters with full control – blocking artists, categories or even all video content – and blocked content simply won’t show up. The app will automatically resize, revise the layout, and change tabs to match your updated preferences.

  • Communities, yeshivos, and public institutions will have the ability to create public filters for their members and families who use the platform.

Enjoy a 7 day free trial!

Keep high profiles
The advanced user profile system lets you customize a hashkafically sounding experience. Each user – including family members on the same account – creates their own profile with their age and gender.

Under strict rabbinic guidelines, default filters are built into the platform.

  • First, anything unsuitable for a Jewish home is immediately rejected.

  • Any content intended for a female audience, including Kol Isha, can only be viewed and accessed by female profiles.

  • Topics aimed at parents, such as parenting classes and podcasts, will not be accessible to children.

Find out how custom profiles work on the 24Six website:

While you reap the benefits of a hashkafic-sounding music platform, know that you aren’t missing any conveniences or features. 24Six probably includes more features than the main streaming apps, so users won’t feel like they’re missing out on Apple or Spotify, in fact, the UX was designed to be easier and more enjoyable.

The developers at 24Six have included a host of familiar features ranging from private and public playlists to embedded music videos and full album art for easy viewing.

– State-of-the-art AI will analyze your entertainment style and offer related suggestions for smooth autoplay.

– You can see recent additions and new episodes at a glance, and search by song, album, podcast, video and more.

A new musical era has arrived. Start streaming today!

24Six Exclusives
24Six has signed deals with today’s hottest artists and producers to bring you exclusive music, podcasts and video content from your favorite artists, all on one entertainment platform. Some artists will stream their music ONLY on 24Six.

The list of artists joining the platform is growing day by day. You will be able to stream all your favorite artists anytime, anywhere. No need for 5 different subscriptions – you can find all your top artists in one central hub.


  • 24Six is ​​a first-class kosher entertainment experience, with extensive filtering capabilities and solid hashkafa, all at your fingertips.

  • The technology is cutting edge and readily available, and most importantly, it allays all fears of hacking and foreign influences entering your home.

  • It’s a win-win-win, and we’re excited to bring it to our communities.

The platform is already available on the Apple & Google app stores as well as the SafeTelecom kosher store. You can access it anytime, anywhere, 24/6! Try it FREE at

$9.99 a month to solve today’s most expensive entertainment problems.
24Six is ​​a platform accessible to everyone! All of these features and more can be yours for just $9.99/month. That’s $10 a month to solve today’s toughest entertainment problem.

A dual plan with 2 profiles will cost $14.99/month and a family plan with 4 profiles will cost $19.99/month. Additional profiles can be added for just $3/month. 24Six.

Change the way you view Jewish entertainment forever!


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